Whether you are transporting day-old chicks or hatching eggs by truck, any poultry vehicle should act as a controlled mobile hatchery environment to ensure preservation of quality upon arrival. Heering transport solutions have proven reliability under extreme climate and road conditions, with cooling systems that can withstand trips through the deserts of Saudi Arabia and heating systems able to endure the Scandinavian winters.

We believe the essence of a quality preserving day-old chick truck is the precise control of airspeed, air temperature and heat production. All our chick transport trucks are equipped with a specially designed airflow system that distributes air evenly over the rows of chick boxes. Heat, water vapour and CO₂ are removed through air outlets and a recirculation duct. That is how we keep day-old chicks or hatching eggs in perfect condition during transport.

Load capacity and transport performance go hand in hand, as large amounts of chicks can be transported efficiently in large poultry trucks. The size and accessibility of a poultry farm or hatchery can influence the optimal transport capacity. In partial loads occupying only a small part of the capacity of the truck, efficiency is strongly reduced. Combining several loads from different farms could solve this, but from a hygienic viewpoint this is not a good solution. Empty chick boxes returning from one farm should not be in contact with chicks from other farms.

The capacity per volume depends on the type of chick boxes or containers used. In case hatching eggs are also transported, a separate capacity calculation has to be made to fully utilize the truck’s capacity. Special care is required in transporting large amounts of chicks, to reach the perfect balance between risk and capacity.

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