trailer for eggs


Ultimate performance

With its high capacity, the Heering 120 truly is the greatest performing transport solution of our product portfolio. It is a perfect match for transporting great quantities of hatching eggs or incubated eggs without the loss of quality.

A customized semi-trailer

We want to be sure our transport solution works best for your situation. This semi-trailer can be delivered in different sizes upon request.


“Our company has been working with Heering since 2005 and we just took delivery of a new Heering 120 semi-trailer. We use the Heering equipment in extreme winter conditions in Siberia. We are very happy with the premium quality!”

Andrey Karbyshev, Director at Avis Inskaya

Heering 120

Specs that prove right

Heering Climate Control & Airflow
Hatching eggs should be transported at a temperature of 30-32°C. Cooling down of newly loaded eggs should be avoided at all times. As the temperature of an egg cools, the volume of albumen and yolk shrinks while the air cell volume increases. This allows contaminated air to be sucked into the egg. Also an increase in temperature will lead to negative results. When the temperature of an egg gets too high, condensation will form when the colder surface of the egg is exposed to humid air. A process that is known as ‘sweating’.
To ensure an optimal climate every Heering unit has a specially designed airflow system that distributes air evenly over all boxes or egg trolleys. With this optimal climate Heering helps to maximize the quality of your products upon arrival.
Optionally combined with Heering Link
This transport system can be incorporated with Heering Link. Monitoring your eggs in transit with Heering Link, allows for a quicker response in case of an emergency. This telemetry solution offers insightful data, enabling you to further improve your poultry transport trips in the future.


Interested in how the Heering 120 can add value to your hatchery’s transport operations? Send us a message.