Quick and versatile

The Heering 25 is the smallest poultry vehicle in our product portfolio. This versatile chick delivery van is a quick and easy solution for small batches of poults. With an excellent preservation of quality in all climates and meteorological conditions.

No truck license needed

It can be used for all small transport trips and in most countries you are allowed to drive it without the need of a truck driver’s license. Although it is small in size, the performance level of this compact chick transport unit matches those of our other transport systems.


“We are using the Heering 25’s models for almost 20 years now within our fleet. The first Heering 25 has lasted 3 chassis lifes as we changed the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis 3 times because of the mileage. A huge benefit of this small model is that can be used without the truck driver license as the gross vehicle weight stays below 3.500 kg.” André van Olst, Van Olst Transport

Heering 25 (poults)

Specs that prove right

Heering Climate Control & Airflow
As poults are not yet fully able to control their body temperature, an ideal mobile hatchery environment is needed. We create this environment in all our transport systems, with a precise control of air speed, air temperature and heat production. Every Heering transport unit has a specially designed airflow system that distributes air evenly over all poult boxes or egg trolleys. Heat, water vapor and CO₂ are removed through air outlets and a recirculation duct. This way we keep the body temperature of all poults between 39,5 and 40 ̊C, maximizing the quality upon arrival.
Optionally combined with Heering Link
This transport system can be incorporated with Heering Link. Monitoring your poults in transit with Heering Link, allows for a quicker response in case of an emergency. This telemetry solution offers insightful data, enabling you to further improve your poultry transport trips in the future.


Interested in how the Heering 25 can add value to your hatchery’s transport operations? Send us a message.