transport solutions for the poultry chain
transport solutions for the poultry chain


Heering Remote Assist
Heering Remote Assist is our latest support program through which we will give remote service, as if we are standing right there by your side. We do this by guiding your technical staff or service partner with a Microsoft HoloLens 2, a mixed reality headset that allows us to demonstrate how any issue can be solved.

Effective and efficient support
Your technical support agent will be able to see exactly what our technical support engineers see, as they are standing in front of a similar chick truck or trailer. You will have a first-person view of one of our team members, demonstrating how to operate the transport system. The solution will be explained both verbally and visually. Since there is a live connection, you experience the same interactive connection as you would have with on-site service. However, with Remote Assist there is no need of travelling to location. Technical work regarding your transport system can therefore be done more efficiently. But this applies to other challenging matters as well. Drivers/operators will experience an improvement in their learning process during training and a greater flexibility in receiving technical support during transport.

Combined with Heering Link
Heering Remote Assist is a fitting addition to our existing solution: Heering Link. With this telemetry system we can rapidly determine the solution needed, based on real time data. By combining Remote Assist and Heering Link, our team of poultry specialists can resolve the matter without having to travel to location. This can be done anywhere in the world, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Remote Assist is a perfect solution for remote demonstration with the same interactiveness as an on-site demonstration. We offer this service to increase the efficiency of our existing services. This innovative solution is the next step in helping our customers improve their transport of day-old chicks or hatching eggs.