At Heering we offer service, training and support focussed on the transport of day-old chicks, hatching eggs and live poultry. We provide relevant training for the specialized Heering products, helping you advance in poultry transport.


1. Technical Diagnostics
Our technical support team helps you by diagnosing and resolving any technical issues in the case of a service request. When you use Heering Link, our support team will have full access to all gathered data of your trips, allowing them to diagnose the origin of any occurred fluctuations.

2. Driver/Operator training
We offer a specialized driver training for truck drivers, focussed on technical operating aspects and poultry welfare during the transport of day-old chicks, live birds or hatching eggs. We train truck drivers to become knowledgeable hatchery ambassadors.

3. Specialist support
This is the in-depth support of poultry specialists, on any aspect of live poultry transport. Our team of poultry specialists has a comprehensive understanding of the entire poultry production chain and is therefore the perfect partner in creating optimal transport conditions.

Additional remote service:

4. Remote Assist
The latest service offered by Heering and an extension to all our standard services. With Remote Assist we use a Microsoft HoloLens 2 you are remotely connected to our team, for training, product demonstrations or on-site technical support. On distance, but as if we were standing right there by your side.

You can subscribe to Remote Assist for all Heering transport units. Also the specialized driver training and poultry specialist support are available for all our transport systems. Remote Assistance with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 is available for training, product demonstration and technical support on distance.

Interested to learn more about our services? Feel free to reach out to us.