Heering is delighted to announce the appointment of Henk Struving as its Commercial Director, effective from January 1, 2022. He will lead the commercial team to expand the global presence and customer base.


It is with great pain we have to announce that Gerrit Heering passed away at the age of 72. Together we look back at an impressive life, in which he led Heering between 1978 and 2004 with vision and enthusiasm. 

Introducing the Heering Airside Trailer for Better Air Freight Handling

For poultry breeding companies, transporting poultry by air is not uncommon. Shipments of significant value are transported to hatcheries around the world. With grandparent stock and great grandparent stock prices being at the highest end of the spectrum, the potential loss of chick quality can be significant.

Introduction of the Heering Chick Storage Room as Pre-Transport Solution

During the hatching process, hatcheries take every necessary measure to achieve the highest level of chick quality. Once the day-old chicks are ready for transport, they are often kept in a storage area, before the poultry truck transports them to their next destination. For many hatcheries there is a lot to win in this logistical stage of their operations.

Presenting our New Poultry Specialist

We are pleased to inform you about the latest addition to our team. Martijn Nissen MSc recently joined Heering as our new poultry specialist.  In Martijn we found an specialist with both practical and theoretical knowledge in poultry. His fascination for the industry started during his youth while executing various roles on a poultry farm.

Introducing Heering Remote Assistance

We have been facing an exceptional year. The limited travel possibilities made it hard for us to offer our usual level of on-site service. It made us rethink the way we offer our customer service. Since we want to be able to offer a high-level of customer service in any event, we’re launching Heering Remote Assist.

Heering Trains Al-Watania Driver Staff

These training sessions provided participants with the certifications they need to utilize their new Heering equipment. They were recognized for completing the technical training for Heering’s professional day-old chick transport equipment, and also for completing the training and demonstration of skills in professional day-old chick transport.

Al-Watania Teams Up with Heering

Al-Watania Grand Parents introduced our advanced poultry transport technology in the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia (KSA). They acquired two Heering chick carriers to transport their breeding stock in Saudi Arabia and the neighbouring Gulf States. The chick carriers are equipped with customized trolleys for cardboard boxes and interior disinfection system.

Heering Supplies Chick Trucks to Olam in Nigeria

Olam decided to introduce state-of-the-art transport technology in West Africa and has ordered four new Heering chick carriers for the distribution of their day-old chicks. At Heering we’re excited that they have chosen for our advanced poultry transport products to grow the business. With this investment they can deliver top quality day-old chicks to their customers.

Couvoir Scott Expands Hatchery Vehicle Fleet with Heering

Couvoir Scott decided to expand their hatchery vehicles fleet and ordered two new Heering chick carriers. At Heering we’re excited that they have chosen for our advanced poultry transport products to grow their business. Couvoir Scott is a company that has expertise in the production of healthy, high-grade day-old chicks.

New Possibilities in Chick Transport for Norwegian Hatchery

To comply with new legislation and give a boost to transport quality, a Norwegian day old chick transport company ordered new trucks with energy efficient options and had the existing fleet equipped with track & trace systems, monitoring chick truck climate.

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