1. World´s only fully specialized chick transport supplier
When it comes to transporting day-old chicks from hatchery to farm, we believe in specialism rather than generalism. Hatchery equipment differs significantly in a static indoor environment compared to the dynamic climates that are faced outdoors. On the road, even premium quality equipment will be put to the test. At Heering we have been specializing for over 50 years in the ever-changing world of day-old chick transport by road. Teaming up with Heering means having a determined business partner fully specialized in day-old chick transport.

2. A transport system with a technical life cycle of 21 years
Our manufacturing strategy is based on the latest insights regarding smart manufacturing. It transcends the strategies being used in cheap labour countries, like China or Ukraine. Our premium quality transport system has a life cycle that is three times as long as the average life cycle of a chassis (7 years). After 7 years you can profit from the high residual value, or go for the relatively low-cost investment of a new chassis.

3. Effective airflow, 50% less fuel consumption
We strive to create optimal flock livability and uniformity upon farm arrival. At heering we offer multiple airflow designs to match various applications. Air is pushed gently through the chick baskets with a high level of ventilation effectiveness, diverting the metabolic heat and CO2 produced by birds in transit. With the help of intelligent CO2 control, this high level of ventilation effectiveness is reached with a fuel consumption that is just 50% of the market average. Not only are you able to keep the quality of chicks at the highest possible level, you save on fuel costs as well.

4. 100% cleanable in 30 minutes
A Heering day-old chick transport system is designed to be cleaned 100% in just 30 minutes. The smooth floors and walls, removable air ducts and the absence of perforated radiators allow for easy cleaning and disinfection. Reducing the time spent cleaning decreases labour costs and allows for a quicker return of the driver.

5. Remote diagnostics, 24/7 support
Heering units are standardly equipped with full telemetry, enabling real-time support by our team of poultry- and HVAC specialists. Remote diagnostics allow our team to act quickly and provide the best solution. During transit, your drivers can rely on a team of Heering specialists, able to help them swiftly in case they are in need of assistance.

6. User friendly based on driver experience
The Heering design is not only based on research, but also on many years of practical driver experience and feedback. Because the system is relatively silent, the driver(s) will sleep better in the truck cabin, preventing fatigue during the day. Since the system works fully automatic (‘autopilot’), the driver can keep their eyes on the road. Due to the absence of perforated radiators your drivers do not have to go through the hassle of level positioning the trailer at the farm or opening/closing the internal doors during loading/unloading.

For a more practical insight we are happy to connect you to one of our customers working in climate conditions that resemble yours. Feel free to send us a message.