solutions for the poultry logistics chain
solutions for the poultry logistics chain

Build Quality

We build premium quality resulting in a chick carrier with a life span of 20+ years. You can either profit from a high residual value after the first chassis life or swap the Heering unit onto a new chassis and save the investment in the future replacement.


The starting point of Heering is optimal flock livability and uniformity at farm arrival. Powerful and effective ventilation pushes the air gently through the chick baskets diverting the metabolic heat and CO2 of the birds in transit.

Customer support

Transporting day-old chicks requires more than high quality equipment. Our system is equipped with full telemetry enabling immediate support. Our support team consists of service engineers and poultry specialists.

Lead Times

Heering prioritizes the reduction of lead times and ensuring reliable delivery. Why settle for waiting one or two years for your new chick trailer when you can collaborate with a partner that maintains full control over its lead times?

Fuel efficiency

With intelligent CO2 control we reduce the fuel consumption with 40% compared to the market average. Hence, you will easily be able to keep your chick quality at the highest level possible.


The Heering product is 100% cleanable. In our design we have eliminated all difficult-to-clean components such as a retrofitted sub floor, profiles on the roof or perforated panels in the loading space.


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