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Air freight

Protecting day-old chicks from environmental changes during air freight handling is a complicated job. Cargo handlers have limited options and flight delays and customs procedures can increase waiting times significantly. It is why we see the greatest deviations in temperature when chicks are being held at the airport, subsequently causing severe implications. At the same time, it means the most impactful gains can be made in handling chicks at the airport.


The fully climatized Heering Airside Trailer is specialized for handling live animals at airports. Apportioned to fit air freight pallets and easily to be manoeuvred by an airport pulley or tug. The Heering Airside Trailer maintains the ideal climate inside, with a precise coordination of temperature, airflow and ventilation. With the use of this transporting unit, the amount of time day-old chicks spend in non-climatized areas is minimized, maximizing animal welfare and eliminating loss of quality.


“Cobb Vantress’s breeding stock will soon be transported with the new Heering Airside Trailer on Auckland Airport in New Zealand. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Heering will implement this airside solution for us. The best quality of chicks upon arrival is of paramount importance to us. In 2019, we opened a new Pure-Line facility in New Zealand to supply the Asia-Pacific region. We found the Heering Airside Trailer to be the best-fitting solution for us to proceed.”

Jimmy Chand, Managing Director at Cobb-Vantress New Zealand


Specs that prove right

Heering Climate Control & Airflow
As day-old chicks are not yet fully able to control their body temperature, an ideal mobile hatchery environment is needed. We create this environment in all our transport systems, with a precise control of air speed, air temperature and heat production. Every Heering Airside Trailer has a specially designed airflow system that distributes air evenly over all chick boxes or egg trolleys. Heat, water vapor and CO₂ are removed through air outlets and a recirculation duct. This way we keep the body temperature of all chicks between 39,5 and 40 ̊C, maximizing the quality upon arrival.
Combined with Heering Link
This transport system will be incorporated with Heering Link. Monitoring your chicks in transit with Heering Link allows for a quicker response in case of an emergency. This telemetry solution offers insightful data, enabling you to further improve your poultry transport trips in the future.


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