Add-on storage solution

Providing a space-efficient storage room for chicks can be challenging when the entire hatchery facility is already operating at full capacity. Constructing a new storage room causes a lasting interference with daily operations and requires time most hatcheries don’t have. The Chick Holding Unit is a non-permanent solution for hatcheries requiring a climatized storage room, added to the existing hatchery facility. 

Maintain quality efficiently

The Mobile Chick Storage Unit preserves the quality of poultry during pre-transport storage time. It can often be added on to the existing hatchery building without building permit. The unit is pre-build when it arrives at the premises and can be placed at any desired location. If necessary, the unit can be relocated. The distribution of crates inside the unit is highly space-efficient, since it features a precise coordination of temperature, optimal air flow and an equal distribution of air throughout the transport boxes. 


”We utilize the Heering Chick Storage Room for incoming shipments of poultry. Customs procedures and veterinary control at the border can take some time, and we want to be sure that the live animals are temporarily stored in optimum conditions. We pay a lot of attention to animal welfare so the addition of a Heering storage unit to our facilities was a logical next step.”

Henk Versteegh, Port & Terminal Manager, Stena Line


Specs that prove right

As day-old chicks are not yet fully able to control their body temperature, an ideal mobile hatchery environment is needed. We create this environment in all our transport and storage systems, with a precise control of air speed, air temperature and heat production. Every Heering transport or storage unit has a specially designed airflow system that distributes air evenly over all chick boxes or egg trolleys. Heat, water vapor and CO₂ are removed through air outlets and a recirculation duct. This way we keep the body temperature of all chicks between 39,5 and 40 ̊C, maximizing the quality upon arrival.
Optionally combined with Heering Link
Like all Heering transport systems also this storage unit is incorporated with Heering Link. Monitoring the climate with Heering Link, allows for a quicker response in case of an emergency. This telemetry solution offers insightful data, enabling you to further improve your storage and transport in the future.


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