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Your Heering Link dashboard gives you an overview of the status of ongoing trips and the birds in transit. This gives you an accurate indication of the condition of the birds in transit and arrival of the vehicle at the farm. Tracking improves the possible security measurements that can be taken and enables a shorter response time in the case of an accident, especially in remote areas. During the trip you can also monitor the systems reports and review if any alarms are being given.


Heering Link gives you access to a number of data that are measured and stored during the trip. You can review the temperature inside the trailer, as well as the incoming and ambient temperature. The CO₂ density (in ppm) and the humidity inside the climate-controlled area are optionally measured. The data can be displayed visually, allowing you to evaluate whether any anomalies occurred during the trip. These evaluations enable you to further optimize your poultry transport trips in the future.


The reports and alarms that are given by the system are stored in the data log. This gives you a clear overview of all occurred events. The reports section shows you, for example, when the heater or cooler was switched on, the system switched to manual, the back door was opened or an insufficient cooling level was reached. The alarm section reports, for example, if a sensor was broken, the fuel tank was empty or the temperature setting has been changed. A trip report can be handed out to the customer at delivery.

Heering Link

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Data analysis and quality control in chick and egg transport.
Climate control sensors
Multiple temperatures, carbon dioxide, humidity
System sensors
Air inlet, power supply, ventilators, HVAC
Multiple users, multiple vehicles
Vehicle position
Google Maps
Dedicated Heering portal
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