loading and unloading



These transport trolleys are designed so that chicks have the possibility to drink water during transit. The supply of water can be mandatory for long distance transport. The chick trolley is ergonomically designed and mounted on four large wheels with low roll resistance. By doing this we have created a trolley that is handled easily and can be moved swiftly in or out the poultry truck.

to clean

The Heering chick trolley is designed to be cleaned easily. The trolley is suitable for industrial washing systems. It has a solidly welded frame, reducing the amount of gaps and narrow openings, making it easier to be cleaned. An extra treatment is applied that protects the trolley from corrosion. Our easy-to-clean chick trolley lives up to high hygiene standards, both in the hatchery as in the poultry farm.

Reduce stress during transit

“We are working with the Heering transport trolleys for many years now. The building quality is outstanding and the wheels are premium quality. The trolleys run very smooth even after years of cleaning and disinfecting. I can highly recommend these trolleys for hassle free loading and unloading.” Jip van den Broek, Hatchery J. van den Broek

Transport trolley (water supply)

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Trolley with water supply suitable for the transport of plastic chick baskets
Durable and robust design for maximum technical life-cycle
Galvanized steel or stainless steel
Premium quality with a stainless steel ball bearing
Chemical resistance
Resistance to most chemicals used in the hatchery
Compatible with Heering day old chick carriers