The transportation of day-old chicks can make or break an organization’s production chain’s quality output. Midland Breeders Ltd, from Sri Lanka, noticed the importance of this in their production of broiler meat. By introducing Heering day-old chick trucks to their farming routine, they improved their farm results significantly.

Transport in tropical climate conditions
Transport is a critical factor, and when it is underestimated, it results in losses in chick quality. Asia’s tropical climate is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to poultry transport.

Many hatcheries in Asia use trucks with natural ventilation, and therefore limited cooling capacity during evening hours. The extreme mid-day temperatures are avoided, but there is still no control of temperature and ventilation in these trucks. Mr.Mohammad Imtiaz, the founder of Midland Breeders Ltd, recognized that issue and solved the problem by introducing Heering’s technologies to his business.

Financial benefits
It was not an easy decision for Midland Breeders to invest in a Heering chick truck. The investment was higher than their previous truck, and the technology was more advanced. But after good consultation, they were convinced that a Heering truck was the solution to decrease the mortality rate and protect the performance potential of the chicks during transport.

Mr. Imtiaz looks back at his decision in a very positive way. On their farms, where exact production records are kept, the bodyweight has improved by an average of 11% and the first-week mortality has shown more than a 50% reduction. The Heering truck has significantly contributed to these positive results and therefore proves that the investment has a short pay-back time.

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