Aviculture Logistics Services selects Heering for chick transport

To further enhance its specialized poultry transport capabilities, Aviculture Logistics Services (ALS), has recently integrated two semi-trailers into its operations. The transaction reflects a shared ethos of exceptional animal welfare and customer satisfaction.

Philippe Chataigner, the Operations Director at ALS, expounds the reason for collaboration, citing both organizational and client-driven motivations. “Animal welfare and chick quality at delivery is paramount,” declares Philippe Chataigner. “It is this essential premise that guided our selection of Heering’s solutions, known for their outstanding quality and responsive after-sales services. Furthermore, the preference expressed by our customers played a significant role in this choice.”

The requirements of transporting day-old chicks demand an focus on technological reliability- especially under fluctuating external temperatures. ALS places immense importance on the ability to monitor and control internal environmental variables such as CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity. To complement these functional needs, a robust after-sales service is critical for swiftly addressing any disparities that could impact the animals’ well-being during transit.

Philippe Chataigner speaks about the added value of the Heering solution. “Traceability and technical feedback stand out as features that not only facilitate meticulous transport monitoring but also play a role in informing and reassuring our clients. We have confidence that Heering’s sophisticated transport solution will adeptly fulfill our stringent requirements.”

Heering extends its gratitude to ALS for choosing our equipment and looks forward to a successful partnership.

“Our priority: transport and deliver day old chicks in excellent condition”

Philippe Chataigner
Directeur ALS Operations


A Closer Look at ALS
ALS was created in 2007 to provide so-called “farmyard” transport (hatching eggs, day-old birds, adult poultry, food, etc.). Family business ALS joined the Jolival group in 2023 and wishes to develop its transport activity in the poultry sector and more particularly hatching. Based in the West and the South-West of France, more than 80 vehicles serve the poultry industry.

The company’s staff, distributed across five locations in regions including Brittany, Pays de la Loire, and South-West, are the backbone of its reputable services. ALS is privileged to cater to the logistics needs of notable clients such as Hendrix Genetics, the Aviagen group, Galina Maine (part of the LDC group), and CSO (Maïsadour group).