Couvoir Scott Expands Hatchery Vehicle Fleet with Heering

Couvoir Scott decided to expand their hatchery vehicles fleet and ordered two new Heering chick carriers. At Heering we’re excited that they have chosen for our advanced poultry transport products to grow their business.

Couvoir Scott is a company that has expertise in the production of healthy, high-grade day-old chicks. The family-operated firm is well-known in Quebec, and throughout Canada, for their investment in research and development in order to advance the production methods used in the industry.

As a family-operated company with similar values, we were pleased to meet the Couvoir Scott team at the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta. They were in the research phase of looking for solutions that would allow them to continue to offer advanced transportation services to their clients. After some additional market research, the Couvoir Scott team decided to work with Heering to accomplish their goals.

Couvoir Scott’s General Manager, Sébastien Morin, shared, “After evaluating the options available in the market, we have selected Heering for their high-quality product that provides the best possible airflow for our chicks. When we visited Heering, we were impressed by the quality of components used, and enjoyed meeting their professional team.”

Couvoir Scott acquired two Heering 90 chick carriers. Both units are equipped with additional preheating from the truck engine in order to meet climate conditions in the region. Furthermore, Couvoir Scott has chosen for the stainless-steel filters to secure maximum of biosecurity. The Heering truck bodies will be mounted on a local truck chassis with the help of our local assembly partner, Walinga, in Canada.

“I am very happy with the collaboration between Couvoir Scott and Heering in the field of specialized day-old chick transport. From the beginning, we have had great communication, and we look forward to working with Couvoir Scott now, and for the long term.” says Erik Hoekstra, Sales Director of Heering.

The first Heering 90 unit will be shipped in February 2019, and Heering is providing training to the Couvoir Scott team at the time of delivery.

About Couvoir Scott
Since 1931, the family-owned company of Couvoir Scott has aimed to produce chicks of the highest quality, surpassing industry standards, and to assist poultry producers in optimizing their results. The secret to Couvoir Scott’s success rests in its process of continuous research and development, in the expertise of the team of professionals, the experience as a producer, in listening, and in establishing a close relationship between producers and the Couvoir Scott sales and technical team. For more information, please visit

About Heering
Heering, established in 1865, is a specialized company in the development of innovative and sustainable poultry transport solutions. The family-operated company has earned its position as leading manufacturers of day-old chick transport through decades of research into the biological and physiological aspects of birds in transit. Heering’s comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the poultry chain offers our customers complete confidence and peace of mind.