Olam decided to introduce state-of-the-art transport technology in West Africa and has ordered four new Heering chick carriers for the distribution of their day-old chicks. At Heering we’re excited that they have chosen for our advanced poultry transport products to grow the business. With this investment they can deliver top quality day-old chicks to their customers.

Olam Hatcheries Limited (Olam Hatcheries) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olam International Limited (Olam), a leading agri-business operating across the value chain in 66 countries. They inaugurated its US$150 million state-of-the-art poultry feed mill and DOC facilities in Kaduna State in September 2017. Olam hatcheries is the company that has expertise in the production of healthy and high-grade day-old chicks in Nigeria. The four chick delivery trucks of Heering have been delivered recently in order for Olam to secure the delivery of their day-old chicks.

We were pleased to meet the Olam team at our facility as well as during the poultry fair in Utrecht. After the visit to the Heering factory, Olam decided that Heering has the best solution for their needs. Heering has also offered with the V-series model the solution that would allow Olam to offer advanced transportation services to their clients.

Olam’s General Manager, Sharad Gupta, shared: “After a good research, we have selected Heering for their high-quality products that offers the best possible airflow for the chicks. We are impressed by their quality and enjoyed meeting their professional team.’’

Olam acquired four new Heering 45 chick carriers. All units are supplied with trolleys suitable for cardboard as well as the plastic chick boxes used at the hatchery. Furthermore, Olam has chosen to install cantilever tail lifts for quick loading and unloading. The Heering truck was mounted on MAN truck chassis and built up complete at the Heering factory in The Netherlands. The units were shipped ready to use after arrival in Nigeria.

“I am very happy with the collaboration between Olam and Heering in the field of specialized day-old chick transport. The installation of Heering link where they can track and trace all deliveries will add a lot of value to the operation and to manage the performance. We are looking forward to working with the Olam team for the long term.” says Erik Hoekstra, Sales Director of Heering.

‘’The Heering 45’s are in use now and the first results are excellent’’, Mr. Hussein Essa shared with us, Hatchery Manager at Olam Hatcheries.

About Olam Hatcheries
Olam hatcheries is producing chicks of the highest quality, surpassing industry standards, and to assist poultry producers in optimizing their results. The hatchery has a capacity of 1.6 million day-old chicks per week and has the largest capacity in Nigeria as well as in the Sub Sahara region. For more information, please visit www.olamgroup.com.

About Heering
Heering, established in 1865, is a specialized company in the development of innovative and sustainable poultry transport solutions. The family-operated company has earned its position as leading manufacturers of day-old chick transport through decades of research into the biological and physiological aspects of birds in transit. Heering’s comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the poultry chain offers our customers complete confidence and peace of mind.