Zayas Sanz chooses Heering for reliable chick transport

Late March, we had the pleasure of welcoming our customer, Zayas Sanz, to our facility in Vaassen for the collection of their newly acquired Heering trailer.

It is nice to mention that Zayas Sanz holds a special place in our history, as they were the pioneering customer to represent us in Spain. The company operates long-distance transportation services with the Heering trailers for prominant hatcheries such as Lohmann and H&N. The longest rides cover distances of about 1,600 kilometers.

The reliability of a trailer is therefore of great importance to them. “The built-in backup guarantees maximum security during transport and we have the confidence that the day-old chicks will arrive at their destination in good condition,” says Miguel Angel, owner of Zayas Sanz, about the Heering trailer.

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