"Our Heering chick carriers were designed to meet the Turkish and Middle East climate conditions. We purchased the first truck in 2011 and currently operate 4 Heering chick trucks. We use these for short as well as long distance trips and the quality of the birds at farm arrival is excellent. In addition to the performance of the Heering system the build quality is very high. The Heering trucks have proved to be very reliable and very good value for money."

Serap Yasun
Hatchery Manager


“Collaborating with Heering feels like belonging to an extended family that shares the same values and ideas. Their products demonstrate true craftsmanship. The long term reliability never fails to astound me. No matter what it is put through, it keeps exceeding expectations.”

Iain Jeffries
Transport Manager


”I have been working with Heering for over 25 years, since 1994. A Heering trailer keeps delivering the best possible airflow for our birds. The durability of these trucks is impressive. That lasting quality makes them the market’s most cost effective option in the long run.”

Knud Kjernlie


“We have been collaborating with Heering since the late 1990s. They are a specialized business partner with practical experience and a deep understanding of the market. Because of that, Heering truly understands our needs. That is why we have selected Heering again. They deliver an excellent product with superior airflow for our chicks.”

Dominique Perrot
Managing Director