Heering enables hatcheries to prevent quality loss during crucial pre-transport hours
During the hatching process, hatcheries take every necessary measure to achieve the highest level of chick quality. Once the day-old chicks are ready for transport, they are often kept in a storage area, before the poultry truck transports them to their next destination. For many hatcheries there is a lot to win in this logistical stage of their operations. For the temporary storage of chicks, the Heering Chick Storage Room meets all the major challenges. A space-efficient use of storage space, while minimizing the risk of heat stress and dehydration.

The effects of poor storage of day-old chicks
Heat stress can have a crucial impact on the quality of day-old chicks. Especially in the early days of their lives, chicks are not yet able to fully control their body temperature. Suboptimal storage conditions can negatively affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare. The storage durations of day-old chicks at the hatchery can vary considerably, from just a couple of hours to an overnight stay. Pre-transport (chick storage) and transport itself are both critical stages when it comes to delivering high quality chicks at the farm.

Fully climatized chick storage room
The Heering Chick Storage Room offers hatcheries a safeguard against quality loss, while using minimal space. The unit can be positioned at any desired location, making it easy to be integrated into the existing hatchery layout. If necessary, relocation is possible. In comparison to traditional holding areas, less space is required to store the trolleys with chicks. Due to the climate control system and efficient ventilation, crates and trolleys can be aligned close to each other inside the chick storage unit, while still preserving optimal chick quality. This means that not only the space is used more efficiently, climatizing is done more efficiently as well.

A fully connected logistic solution
The Heering Chick Storage Room is standardly equipped with Heering Link telemetry ensuring full control during all logistic stages: storage, transport, transit points all the way to farm arrival. Nowadays, most hatcheries are fully aware of the necessity of well-climatized chick transport and pre-transport storage. However, not just hatcheries enjoy the benefits of our storage solutions. The Stena Line Freight route network is one of Europe’s largest linking key ports and road connections across Northern Europe. Stena Line currently uses the Heering chick storage solution at the ferry port of Hook of Holland. Because of that, Stena Line now offers a durable and animal-friendly solution for the temporary storage of poultry during customs procedures and veterinary control.

Hear it from our specialists
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